Sunday, November 4, 2012


Babymoon :)

Ever heard of it?  I think it's a relatively "new concept" where the mommy & daddy-to-be take a little vacation together before their first baby comes.  Steven and I called it "our last hurrah before baby William enters the world"!  I wrote a little bit about it in my last hesed blog, but I've been thinking a lot about how these are the last few weeks of just Steven and I.  FOR.EVER.  Woa.  That's kinda weird, kinda scary, kinda exciting... all at the same time!

So to celebrate the end of a beautiful era, we decided to set some special time apart to savor our last moments of doing "what we want, when we want!"  :)  Most people plan a little weekend away, but we decided it was best to stick close to civilization (aka: our hospital).  Steven was all ready to book a night away at a hotel in Chiang Mai, but at the last minute I decided that I'd rather sleep in my own bed (I'm such a home body!), save the money and spend it on a nice steak dinner instead.  :)

And that's exactly what we did.

The day started out with breakfast in bed, followed by a relaxing afternoon at our favorite neighborhood pool.  After we had enough sun, we treated ourselves to a couples massage.  (One perk of being pregnant in Thailand are the cheap massages! Our couples massage cost a grand total of $12.  Amazing...)

Unfortunately, I didn't take any pics throughout the day (who really wants to see a 38 week pregnant woman in a bathing suit anyway?!?)... but I did manage to bust out the camera for our fabulously delicious steak dinner!  I would probably say this was the best restaurant we've been to in Chiang Mai thus far.  They had great live music, a romantic ambience, fantastic service and delicious food.  Steven and I both decided that this was definitely somewhere you couldn't go with a baby, so it was a perfect babymoon spot!

All dressed up and ready to eat!

The outside of the restaurant, right on the river--beautiful!

 They served us an amuse bouche!  
You know you're somewhere fancy when you get an amuse bouche!

 Steven's scallop appetizer :)

 I've never been to a restaurant where they actually bring the food out covered like this.  Kinda fun!

The big reveal!  Stevo got fish and I got a steak with pan-seared foie gras.  Oh my word. YUM.
 A good steak is hard to come by over here, so you can imagine my excitement & pure joy.  :)

 Ended the night with a creme brulee :)

Thanks, babe, for a great babymoon!  Here's to the last 4 years!