Thursday, May 9, 2013

Growing up, up, up!

Recently Steven and I have just marveled at how big William has gotten.  (I'm assuming this will continue to happen throughout our parenting journey...)  But, man!  The other day we both looked at him and couldn't believe how much he has grown!  I believe Steven's exact words were, "Wow.  He's like... a... PERSON now." haha :)

William is quickly showing us his personality and a lot of new tricks to go along with it.

At 5 1/2 months, William:

  • sits up on his own (although he tumbles over from time to time!)
  • likes to drink water out of a real glass
  • loooooves laughing with Daddy!
  • likes reading books before bedtime
  • really enjoys shower time
  • loves going swimming and dunking his head under water!
  • likes going for walks at night
  • is not afraid of strangers, loves being held by anyone and everyone
  • sucks his left thumb to comfort himself
  • sleeps A LOT!  (He goes to bed at 7:30 pm and wakes up anytime between 6:30 - 8 am!  He then takes around a 3 hour morning nap and another 2-3 hour afternoon nap!  Steven feels like the kid is never awake.  :)  He must get his good sleeping habits from his momma... and hey, we're not complaining!)
  • drools a lot and still spits up a lot too!
  • has a really annoying high-pitched scream when he doesn't want to do something anymore!
  • gives lots of open-mouthed kisses
  • is really wanting to eat food... he gets really cranky when he sees us eating dinner :)

I've been trying to hold him off on any food since I don't want to mess with it on the long plane ride, but it's been really hard since he really shows an interest in it.  Speaking of which, we will be leaving for the States a week from today!!  YAY!!!!  We're so excited to introduce William to all our families and spend some quality time together.  It's gonna be such a fun summer!  We can't wait :)

Here's a few pics to hold the grandparents over until we arrive...

Such a big boy!

Cuddles for mommy, wrestling with daddy!

Reading books before bed

Introduced the sippy cup--he's figured it out!

Mid "annoying high-pitched scream"

Sitting up and proud of it!

Playing with his cute friend, Zion :)

Showing off his skills to Ama via facetime!  I wonder if he'll be confused when he sees her in "3D"? :)

The babysitters are back! 

Eating dinner with Pawn, her daughter and niece

Such a good multi-tasker... sitting AND playing at the same time! :)