Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Catching up...

I feel like that's the title of all of my photo blogs!  CATCHING UP... it's so hard to stay on top of these things!  And when I want to call it quits and forget about this photo blog, I keep telling myself that I'll cherish these some day and I'll regret not taking time to document the little day to day joys!

So here's to catching up... again!


Went to the big festival in Chiang Mai to see the lantern release!  VERY COOL.

Thousands of lanterns being released at the same time!

Video taped the release... TANGLED in real life!

Enjoyed summer weather while our fellow Chicagoans started preparing for the worst winter yet!

Had fun playing with new birthday toys

Had a big celebration with our team and Thai friends at the Steffens!

Our landlords

LOTS of good food!

Taught William how to bust a move!

Discovered that William loved to say "NO" :)

Shot a promo video for Expat Homes

Had a child that refused to wear shoes :)

Expanded Pawn's bakery business to selling fresh salsa!


Got a haircut!

Quite the change!

Hosted our first BLISS training cooking class!!!!

The BLISS Team

Definitely a favorite memory with Pawn :)

We had Pawn teach the class for 11 maebaans how to make pumpkin bread!  SHE DID AWESOME!

We really felt like they all enjoyed themselves and learning a new skill!

So fun!

Our first training class was a huge success!

They each got to take home two pumpkin bread loaves :)

While the bread was baking, we played a little relay race game.  They got really into it!

EXPAT HOMES found an office (a great location!) and started to get it ready for employees!  

My niece, Zoe Ann, entered the world :)

We bought a little rug and William was so excited to have a place to "roll around" :)

"Cool season" arrived just in time for Christmas

We all really enjoyed the cool weather!

William learned how to wear clothes.

And look really cute in them...

We had our friends and supporters, Dennis & Eva Rocke, visit us!!!!

Celebrated Brett & Steven's 29th birthdays!

Took William to see "Santa Clause"!

EXPAT HOMES got approved as a registered business by the Thai government!  
(We are currently on step 2 of 5...)

We celebrated Christmas as a family (THANKS TO ALL THOSE WHO SENT GIFTS!!!)

Steven and I cooked a nice Christmas dinner together (William miraculously slept from 3 pm - 9:30 pm that night allowing us a really quiet and peaceful night together!)

We celebrated Christmas with Pawn and her girls

Out to dinner at a Thai grill place :)

Pawn and her girls slept over... went to eat, decorated cookies, opened presents and watched a Christmas movie!

In JANUARY we...

Got to spend time with Steven's cousin, Steph!!!!

Dressed William in his Sunday best!

Discovered that William's a pretty cute farmer

Introduced Steph to the deliciousness of Thai food :)

Took a day trip to the Sticky Waterfall

Went off-roading!

Saw lots of Thailand's beautiful landscapes

Got to meet Liv's siblings and have a blast getting to know them

Went to see waterfalls and the highest point in Thailand

Went camping!!

William's first camping trip!  Loved it!

Visited with old friends :)

Welcomed Ama and Papa back to Thailand and thoroughly enjoyed their 2 weeks here with us!

Soaked up every moment with them

Took Mom & Dad to the fish spa... they really enjoyed it, can't you tell?

Took a family vacation to the beach!!!  (Our first time there!)

Endured a short plane ride with William :)

Loved being in Phuket with Mom & Dad

Introduced William to the beach/sand/waves!

Loved the sand, hated the waves 

Had great family time!

Remembered why I love spending time with my parents so much!

Took advantage of having grandparents to take care of William...  
Steven and I went on a day trip to see some islands around Phuket!

Endured the short (but very late...) plane ride back with William.  It was all hands on deck!

Spent lazy days just hanging out with my momma

Took William on walks

Ate a lot of good Thai food

And smoothies

Took Dad for a moped ride

Soaked up moments like these...

Taught William how to use a spoon and a fork (now he demands his utensils at every meal!)

Felt rejuvenated and refreshed

Watched William walk around with brooms and sticks all day

Took Mom to the crazy fabric market

Soaked up more moments like these...

Felt really, really, realllllly thankful for my parents.  Not only in their sacrifice to continue coming all this way to spend time with us, but just for who they are and how they make me feel.  Love them to pieces.

Got really excited that it's orchid season!!! (My favorite kind of flower...)

Was stretched and challenged by this little rugrat.  (And loving every second of it!)  William has really changed a lot in the last couple of months (although I think I say that every blog post!).  

To catch you up, here's a rundown on William's latests:  
*Still sleeps like a champ (8 pm- 8am with two 2 hour naps a day)
*Loves to eat (Especially pasta, rice and bread!  He's a carb lover like his momma!)
*Loves to walk around outside, put everything in his mouth and pick up sticks or long objects
*Likes to dance and listen to music
*Has started saying "mama", "dada", "night night" and tries to repeat other words we tell him to say
*Learned "patty cake, patty cake" while Ama and Papa were here
*Put his hands together to say "hi" and "thank you" in Thai
*Waves "bye bye"
*Gives lots of kisses (open mouth!  yikes...)
*Starting to get a mind of his own... likes to pout if he doesn't get his way!
*Starts crying when he sees Daddy drive away on his moped (mostly because he wants to ride on it, but I'm sure it's also because he'll miss Daddy)

All in all, he's keeping us VERY busy and constantly on our toes.  We are loving life as parents and couldnt' be more thankful for William's life!

Speaking of kids... These two cuties welcomed their baby brother, Hutch, into the world just a couple of days ago!!!

As you can tell, we are keeping pretty busy around here these days :)

So, HERE'S TO FEBRUARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!