Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Settling down... hopefully!

Per usual, the past two months have been a whirlwind.  Pure craziness.  From thinking we were going to have to leave the country, to going rounds at immigration, to miraculously obtaining our visas, to keeping up with William... there's never a dull moment.  However, I will say... (although I'm scared to), that the past few weeks have settled down and we are hoping that this will be the new normal for us.  Right now, "normal" sounds really awesome.   It sounds predictable.  Manageable.  Nice.  Yes, I'm really hoping this last for a little bit!  We need a breather, that's for sure!  

Here's a recap of the last two months... enjoy!

 William is a better gardener than his momma.... turns out you have to over water all the plants since it's so dang hot here!

Speaking of hot, William and I love to enjoy a DQ cone together every once in awhile!

Steven and I (William is in my lap) waiting at immigration with our entire lives in documents.  Turns out the first round didn't go so well, so we found ourselves back there the next day.  

 My cutie just chillin' at Daddy's office

 I don't know why we look so happy... we had just returned from immigration and had gotten denied!  haha!

 But then the next day, WE HAD OUR VISAS IN HAND!!!!!!!!  A complete miracle.  Praise God!

 The cute front part of the office :)
(The map is a canvas that our friend designed of the different districts that make up Chiang Mai!)

 Ready to go ride the moped!

 Celebration pizza dinner with all our employees!

 Out to dinner one night, William decided he wanted to eat with a different family...

William trying on Mommy's nightgown!  Don't tell Daddy!

 After we got our visas (good for 1 month only!), we were told that Expat Homes would get some surprise inspections.  I happened to be leaving the office just as 4 immigration officers came to check up on Expat Homes!  I was scared, so I snapped this quick pick and left immediately.  That's Steven frantically calling all the employees to come to the office! Thankfully, everything went relatively fine.  They said they would be back, but never returned!  And just last Friday we got our visas extended for another whole year!!!!  Wahooooo!

 After all the drama, Steven and I decided that we needed to take a few days to just rest.  So, we left William with Pawn and her kids and took the weekend off!  It's such a blessing to know that William was in good hands.

 Enjoying some sunshine and rest!

 Eating good food!

Taking in beautiful Thailand...

Steven doing the "fruit roll up" with William! :)

Watching the animals at the zoo :)


I try to get William to cuddle with me, but it hardly ever works out :)

Baby shower for our friend, Jess!

Small group girls

My Takashi!

William taking after his Uncle Matt with his famous "mashed potato"! :)

Cute? or Brainwashing?  You decide...

I love my little guy in his helmet!

Sunday afternoon fort building with Daddy!

A good helper


All done!

Thanks, Dad!

You can't build a fort if you're not gonna watch a movie in it! :)

Again, the helmet... too cute!

William's new favorite book, Hop on Pop!  He brings it to us every night and says "Hop Pop, Hop Pop!"

Loves to watch Pawn cook

Thailand has awesome wild flowers!

A new tradition: drinking chocolate milk together!

His reading basket!

"What, Mom?!"


Expat Homes now has two cars!

And a sign on the office door!

Love this pic!  We were talking to Steven's dad on Skype at work and he was showing William all the tractors and other fun toys he has... William just kept saying "Woooooa!!!!"  Like father, like son!

And that's a rap.  Despite the craziness, I am so thankful that things seem to be settling down for all of us.  Steven is loving going to work and Expat Homes has made a lot of progress in the last few months.  We are getting into a good routine and excited for this next chapter.  William is growing a ton every day and I'm loving it.  He is becoming bi-lingual and is starting to say words in Thai and English.  He obviously says a lot more English words, but he throws in a Thai word every now and then.  His favorite Thai words are "ant, open, bird, dog and want".  HA!  But because he spends a lot of time with Pawn, he understands a lot of Thai.  Just the other day she told him to go get the duster and he went and got it!  He can pretty much understand most things in either English or Thai.  How fun!!!  He is also sleeping a lot more lately (not that he's ever had problems with sleeping), but I think he's hitting a grow spurt.  He's taking long naps and sometimes not waking up in the morning until 9!  I'm spoiled, I know.  And my other kids will not be like him, I know.  But I'm thankful for the easy kid that he is, even though we are in the throws of teaching and disciplining!  I just love my boys and thank God every day for this undeserved blessing!!!