Friday, April 19, 2013

Fun videos :)

Just some fun videos that we took today that we thought were entertaining :)

William is learning how to give kisses!  (He lingers a little too long and tries to sneak in the tongue sometimes, so we're working on his kissing etiquette!)

Warning:  If the following picture grosses you out, you should probably skip the next video :)

After a big poop = happy times :)

William giggling with Daddy... melts my heart every time!

Okay, I can't help myself... had to add in a few pics that I've taken this past week. (I promise, I'll be quick!)

 These little piggies went to market... :)

William has so many friends at the market!

 On the way to eat!

Little baby, big market.

 That looks like a guilty face!

Morning kisses :)

"I'm 5 months and I'm pretty darn cool.  And my hands are huge."

Coolest kid on the block!

Morning smiles!  When he's happiest!

I believe they were watching "Top 10 Michael Jordan moments" :)

"Stop takin pics, Mom!"

If that's not a "Lauren mouth", I don't know what is!!! 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Falling in love :)

Okay, seriously... how ADORABLE is this kid?!?!?  At the risk of sounding extremely cheesy, I fall in love with this guy  When I first see him in the morning, my heart just melts and I just want to squeeze, hug, and kiss him all over.  My favorite times with him are before I put him down for naps when he just cuddles into my chest, makes cooing noises and sucks his thumb.  Man, SO CUTE.  I like to sing "Amazing Grace" to him before he goes to sleep and it's quickly become a favorite tradition of ours.  What's even more special is that now William likes to sing along sometimes and I just get such a kick out of it!  Now Steven joins in before bedtime and I often thank God for such precious times with my boys.

Check out the videos of William singin' along!

Don't you just wanna eat him up?!?! :)  Okay, I'll stop now.

Well, it turns out that William never got the chicken pox!  (Or at least we don't think he did...)  I took this picture a couple of days after he had been exposed thinking that it was the start of it,  but it never got any worse... so who knows?!?  

However, even though he didn't get a full blown case of the chicken pox, William did have a fever for an entire week!  I started to get a little worried, so we took him to the doctor to get checked out...

 William was a champ.  Turns out we had to go to two doctors, but William didn't cry once.

 What a good big boy!  His pediatrician wasn't too worried since his fever wasn't extremely high, so he gave us some Tylenol and decongestant and sent us home!  

Unfortunately, after William started feeling better, Steven and I came down with the flu for a week!  It kind of stinks being a sick mom!  I don't know how other women do it?!?!  Anyway, once the plague left the Sauder household, we were back in action and havin' fun.

 Ama sent William a sun hat, so we had some fun taking some goofy pictures.  Steven thinks William looks ridiculous in that hat, but I just think it's adorable!

We also had to say "goodbye" to Pawn as she is now only working for us 2 days a week now.  (I know, none of you feel sorry for me AT ALL.)  But, it was really sad to not have Pawn around every day.  She's been such a great support to all of us in this big transition and William has really grown to love her.  We are so thankful for all her hard work and friendship... we would not have survived these first couple of months without her!

After being cooped up in the house for almost 1.5 weeks, we all needed some fresh air (well, you can't really call it fresh since the pollution is soooo bad here these days!), so Steven decided to take William on a little stroll around the block on the back of his bike.  He has wanted to put William in his bike seat since we've brought him home from the hospital (he tried to put him in it at 2 months, but it didn't work out too well... ha!), so now that William can hold his head up we thought we'd give it another try!

Really, people?

This looks dangerous...

We had to stuff a pillow behind him to make for a snugger fit! :)

Success!  William's first "bike ride"!  He looks ecstatic about it, doesn't he?!?!

Some other cute pics from the past few weeks...
Practicing holding his bottle on his own! :)

Hi mom.

Love that face!

Uh oh.  Threw up on "Teacher Som"!

Chewing on everything these days :)

And last but not least, guess who won the Sauder Family NCAA Basketball Tourney this year?!?!?
William Takashi!!!  Edged out Auntie Kara & Grandma Sauder by 2 points!   Go William!