Friday, August 30, 2013

(MORE?!!?!) family pictures.

Okay, seriously.  I know what you're thinking.  How narcissistic can we get?!?!  We just had family pictures taken this summer by my talented friend, Jasmine... did we really need more?

Well, no.

But another one of our friends, Nicole, just got back from doing an intensive photography training in Montana this summer.  She was only going be in Chiang Mai for about a week before leaving to chase her dreams in India, so when she asked if she could "practice" on us I thought, "Why not?!?"  

And so we went.  Off to our favorite place in Chiang Mai.  With my cute hubby and adorable baby.  William was running a high fever that day, so we didn't know how he'd be... but he was such a trooper (of course)!

When Nicole gave us these pictures the following day, I g.a.s.p.e.d at how beautiful they were.  (Not because we are beautiful, but because she captured US so beautifully!)  It's pretty evident that Nicole didn't need to practice on us and we were just abundantly blessed by her talents!  Check out her blog here and fall in love with the way she captures life.  

Thanks so much, Nicole.  We will miss you here in Chiang Mai, but know God is going to do great things through you around the world!