Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The adventures of Tom & Marsh :)

I really couldn't believe it.  I had to pinch myself (and them!) a couple of times to make sure it was really happening!  After a year away from my mom and dad, they were finally here with me in Thailand.  Boy, was I a happy little girl!

The two weeks just flew by as I crammed as much into their visit as I possibly could.  (I think my secret calling in life is to be a travel/tour guide...)   Anyway, I just wanted them to experience all that Chiang Mai had to offer and go home with a good picture of life here.  I would have been just as happy laying by the pool with them every day, but we'll just have to save that for their next trip over.  :)

Here are some of our adventures, day by day.

Day 1: Soak in the fact that mom and dad are actually here!

 Dad's luggage got left in Korea, so we had to make a stop at Tesco (like a Walmart) to pick up a few goodies to hold him over :)

Day 2: Jump right in to all the tourist fun!

 Yes, that's a real tiger!

 Nice pose, Dad :)

 On to the elephants!

 It took mom a little while to feel comfortable

 Happy family :)

 Inappropriate for bath time!

 Beautiful Thailand

 After tigers and elephants, we made a stop at the snake show... Why not?

Day 3: Boys  & Girls day!  Boys went golfing while the girls got a massage and mani/pedi :)

 Dad loved the caddies!

Day 4: Visit some temples and go night golfing!

 I have to admit, this was pretty cool!

Day 5: Pool day & 1 year celebration dinner!

 Celebrating our 1 year anniversary in Thailand with dinner at the Four Seasons!  What a special night.

Day 6: Touring the Mandarin Oriental Resort (where the Bachelorette stayed one night...ha!) and exploring the Night Safari!
First, dad had to take a ride on the moped with Stevo... (again, another attractive pose!)

 Being Thai at the Mandarin Oriental

 Steven had read that the resort had the best Chinese restaurant in Chiang Mai.  Turns out they do an all-you-can-eat Dim Sum lunch, so of course we had to try it out!  It was absolutely delicious and they served us 17 different kinds of Dim Sum (plus you could ask for seconds and thirds) and then gave us fried rice, soup and dessert!  We ate for 2.5 hours straight.  Amazing.

 At the Night Safari--we decided to rent Segways!

SO fun


 Couldn't believe how close them came to us...

 Mom was freaking out :)

Day 7: More golf for the boys and cooking with Pawn for the girls!
 Yes, the caddy actually pulled out a chair for them while they waited

 Oh, they fanned them too.  Ridiculous!

 We spent the day cooking with Pawn

 Mom taught her some recipes, while Pawn taught her how to make her delicious bagels

 Out for icecream

Day 8: Day trip to the National Park at Doi Inthanon!
 Beautiful waterfalls

 Stopped to visit two temples built for the King & Queen

 In the Queen's garden

 At the top of the temple

Day 9: Thai cooking class with momma (more golfing for the boys!)
 Before the cooking class, they take you on a tour of the local market.  Mom discovered durian ("the stinky fruit") and thought it really did smell horrible!

 Proud of her pad thai

 I've missed cooking with my momma

Day 10: Day trip to Chiang Dao to our favorite restaurant in Thailand :)

 Mom's delicious peach pork chop (only $10!)

 Hiking up the mountain to see a temple (the women have to cover their knees)

 They're cute.

Day 11: (Even more) golf for the boys, another pool day for the girls and then shopping at the night market

 At the market

Day 13: A "chill" day and dinner with our friends, the Klakulaks!

Day 14: Their last day :( 
Sunday street market

Lighting and releasing a lantern into the sky... Dad thought this was so cool!

Sigh.  As you can tell, we had a pretty amazing two weeks.  Even though Skype has made being away from home A LOT easier, nothing compares to being able to hug, kiss and make memories with the people you love!  While mom and dad were here, I had an unexpected case of homesickness.  Weird, right?  I think spending time with them reminded me of what a great family I come from and how much I really have missed everyone.  I must admit, I was quite worried that I wouldn't be able to shake this homesickness once they left... BUT THANKFULLY, I was able to enjoy my time with them and then bounce right back to life here in Thailand.  Thank you, Jesus!

Thanks Mom & Dad for traveling all this way to see me and Steven.  Thanks for always showing how much you love, care and support us.  I couldn't have asked for better parents... love you both so much.

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